Some urban locations have watchtowers set on strategic positions. Often, a patrolling soldier will stand in the watchtower or close to it. What truly makes the towers dangerous is that, if a soldier manages to spot the player, they can use the tower's bell to alert their allies of the player's presence, making them all inmediately rush to the site where the bell was rung and counting them as witnesses in the mission's score.

Do note that soldiers are the only enemy type that uses the watchtower's bell.

Types of watchtowers Edit

Wood towers Edit

A common watchpost. They are large wooden structures located near entrances in maps. They are equipped with a bell to alert of enemies and a ladder used by soldiers to reach the bell, but the player cannot use the ladder the same way. Usually, a grapple hook is neccesary to reach the top.

A wooden watchtower is one of the items players can buy and set in their garden.

Two-story watchposts Edit

Found in Utakata Castle and Fudo Castle, these are two-stories buildings that surround the castle. They are almost always guaranteed to have a soldier on guard. Like wood towers, they are equipped with a bell to alert other enemies, but unlike wood towers they have no ladder to climb which can make it harder for soldiers to reach the bell, while players do not need more than a few jumps to reach the top.

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