Machi musume
Village Girls (町娘 Machi Musume, lit. "Town Daughter") are common, non-violent enemy generics.

Description Edit

Harmless female civilians. Like regular soldiers, they patrol in a specific pattern or stay still looking around themselves, but unlike soldiers they will run away screaming instead of engaging combat, possibly alerting other enemies.

While the player has no actual reason to kill them (besides some special missions), being spotted by one counts as being spotted by a hostile, alerting nearby enemies, counting as witnesses and affecting the mission score, so the player might be forced to kill them in some situations.

Normally, they are only found in village-type areas, but some special missions from Ichijo (after slaying another warlord) will take them to fortresses.

They are the target of lower-level Total Destruction missions (from Sadame), Rescue and Kidnapping missions, and may appear in other missions as unrelated obstacles.

They are playable as a skin model for Goh.

Fighting a Village Girl Edit

As mentioned above, village girls are harmless and weak, but their screams will alert other enemies of your presence. Try to avoid them if possible, if not, then dispatch them quickly. They are rather careless and easily distracted, so it isn't very hard to stealth kill them, and their frailness means they can be killed with a few quick slashes.

Village Girl Moveset

  • Flee
  • Trip
  • Scream

Changes in Shinobido 2 Edit

Village Girls now sport a new character model somewhat similar to the Princess from previous games. Other than that, they remain the same as before.

Like in the last game, they are playable as a skin for Kaede.

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