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Map of Utakata

Utakata (宇高多) is the province where the series take place.

During the events of Way of the Ninja and Tales of the Ninja it's been divided by a civil war between the  House of Ichijo, the House of Akame and the Amurita Faith. It's currently ruled by the House of Ichijo and protected by the Asuka Ninja.

By Revenge of Zen the House of Akame has fallen, in it's place a former vassal of Ichijo, Kazama, has taken Akame's territory and declared war on his former daimyo.

See Storyline (Shinobido: Way of the Ninja) and Storyline (Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen) for the events surrounding this location.

Notable Factions[]

Political Factions[]

Other Factions[]

It should be noted that while the House of Akame originates from the Fudo province, they used to hold considerable influence inside Utakata, though in later games they've been reduced to a bandit clan.

Notable Locations[]

Villages and Estates[]

These areas can be occupied by any faction. Common location for almost any kind of mission. Village Girls and Merchants can be found here when not marked as mission targets.


These locations are faction-exclusive. Heavily armed, Samurai Generals can always be found here.


Can be occupied by any faction. commonly inhabited by Barbarians and Bears.


Very rarely and only temporarily occupied by any faction. More commonly inhabited by Barbarians or Bears.


These locations are faction-exclusive. Lords can only be found in their respective castle, and once they die these locations become inaccessible outside of special missions.


Introduced in Revenge of Zen. This is the location for the final battle. It can also be accessed in normal missions and occupied by any faction.

Other Locations[]

These are special locations. They cannot be normally reached.

  • Asuka Village: Home of the Asuka Ninja, appears in a few cutscenes. It's the location for the final battle of the first game, and the player's main menu in Revenge of Zen.
  • The Abandoned Hut: Goh's hideout during the first game, abandoned once again at the end of the story. While the hut itself isn't anything more than a main menu, the garden surrounding it plays an important gameplay role.