Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen keeps track of the player's progress with a score and reward system. Whenever a great feat is archieved, a new character unlocked, an ending obtained or a secret discovered, the game will reward it with a special trophy in the player's PlayStation Network account.

Some of these trophies may require multiple playthroughs to obtain and other may require to be played in different difficulty settings.

Shinobido Mastery Edit

Trophy value: Platinum

Self-explanatory. Obtain every other trophy in the game.

Apprentice Ninja Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Finish the game on Easy difficulty with any ending.

Full-fledged Ninja Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Finish the game on Normal difficulty with any ending.

First Class Ninja Edit

Trophy value: Silver

Finish the game on Hard difficulty with any ending. Remember that in this difficulty missions can't be repeated if failed, so save frequently.

The First Step Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Complete the first mission succesfully. It doesn't matter what mission you pick.

Ninja Initiation Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Level up for the first time. To level up it is needed to gain experience from completed missions. How much is gained depends on performance during the mission.

Chimatsuri Sappo Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Perform a stealth kill succesfully.

Assassin's Pedigree Edit

Trophy value: Silver

Perform all different stealth kills possible. These are:

  • From the front
  • From the back
  • From above Either jumping above the enemy or descending from the heights counts.
  • From the sides Hide with your back to a wall and wait for the enemy to get close to you.
  • Downed enemy Either a fainted enemy or a stumbling enemy counts.
  • In the water The enemy must be standing on a body of water.
  • From a ledge Cling to a ledge and wait for the enemy to get close to you. Also works on stationary enemies if you get close to them without being detected.
  • Behind a sliding door Kill an enemy from behind a door. You must be behind the enemy.
  • While holding an item Wait for the enemy to pick an item but don't let them consume it. Doesn't work if detected.

While Kaede has her own animations for stealth kills, it's not neccesary to see them to obtain the trophy. Killing large opponent does count for the trophy but countering with a stealth kill does not.

Alchemical Aspirations Edit

Trophy value: Bronze

Create an item with alchemy for the first time. Any item will do.

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