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Stealth Kills (Chimatsuri Sappo) are the most efficient way the player has for dispatching enemy NPCs.

To execute a Stealth Kill, the player has to get close to an unaware enemy and press the Triangle button. Usually, a "blink" of light accompained by a sound effect will indicate when a Stealth Kill is possible, though not always. If the target NPC engages search mode (Purple or Pale Red alert) a Stealth Kill can still be executed by quickly mashing the Triangle button; however, if a Stealth Kill is attempted on an alert NPC (Red alert) it won't succeed unless the target is fighting another NPC, distracting them from the player.

When there are too many NPC or if an NPC is in no position to be Stealth Killed, the player is suggested to either use a fainting item on them, distract them or find a way to separate the group.

Stealth Kills in Shinobido: Tales of the Ninja[]

Stealth Kills remain the same for previous player characters Goh, Kinu and Zaji (who shares Goh's moveset). Some other player characters can also execute limited stealth kills, which plays one of their default animations, though not all of them can.

Some characters who can make stealth kills:

Stealth Kills in Shinobido 2[]

About to execute a Zankoku command

Besides the usual Stealth Kills, Zen can also execute new killing techniques called "Mystic Arts" (Zankoku).

To read more about them check the Shinobido 2 Stealth page.



Shinobido - stealth kills complete

All the possible Stealth Kills in Shinobido Imashime


  • In Shinobido: Way of the Ninja, the animation used for a succesful Stealth Kill from the back varies between the Japanese and European versions. In the Japanese version, Goh pulls the enemy into a spinning slash, striking them in the neck, while in the European version he gets close behind the enemy, puts the ninjato on their throaths and slashes them. Kinu's animation remains unchanged.