Stealth may refer to a collection of gameplay elements in Shinobido that revolve around staying hidden. Wall hugs, caltrop and stealth kills are a few of the options players may choose to keep their presence unknown, and the dynamic nature of the game adds challenges and demands skill from players.

Overview Edit

Avoiding discovery from enemies to maintain stealth is a core element of gameplay. The alert icon in the top center of the screen denotes how aware our allies and enemies are to our position.

The shape of the icon describes the enemy type; round shapes for allies and square shapes for enemies, the colour of the icon represents the level of enemy awareness; grey for unseen, purple for suspicious, orange for on guard and red for alerted.


Crouch walk, crouch roll, ledge shimmy

Stealth kill Edit

Whilst still undetected players may execute enemies using a gameplay mechanic called the stealth kill. The stealth kill has the player Shinobi maintain an undetected status, get in close proximity with an enemy, grab them and perform an execution animation. At any point, the player may be interrupted during the animation, achieving a stealth kill is suggested players follow 4 lessons.

  1. Watch your alert status
  2. Use your surrounding
  3. Use Items
  4. Escape

Stealth kill variations Edit

The game is fluid in its implementation of this mechanic, players are encouraged to play with multiple approaches when achieving a kill. The animation for the successful is contextual to the environment and the player position.

Type of stealth kills Edit

Position Goh Kinu
From front Gut stab
From back Throat slit
From top Neck break
From ledge Pull down, neck break
In water Drown
Enemy grounded Downwards thrust
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