Soul Fragments are rare jewels which contain the lost memories of Asuka ninja Goh, collecting these soul fragments is the focus of Shinobido: Way of the Ninjas storyline.

Overview Edit

The 7 fragments of Goh's soul, each crystal holds a portion of Goh's memories, with the final piece holding the knowledge of necromancy.

History Edit

Goh holding soul fragment 1

Goh holds up the first soul fragment

During the razing of Asuka Village, Master Taiga instructed Goh to recover a hidden scroll and destroy it, as it possessed a powerful spell necessary to fully resurrect an ancient evil monk named Gamuran. Goh read the scroll before being cornered by Gamuran and its' contents were already committed to memory.

Goh destroys the scroll and in response, Gamuran used dark magic to extract his memories but the spell failed thanks to Kinu. Goh survived the process, his memories had taken physical form in the shape of a glowing purple jewel which shattered into 7 pieces.

These jewels were scattered by an explosion at Utakata Castle and by those who were unaware of their value, or those who intended to use it to coerce Goh into cooperation, such as the feudal lords of Utakata. With no memories of his old life Goh received guidance from a mysterious informant named Onji, the lost Goh makes it his mission to collect the fragments and recover his memory.

Gamuran recruited Kabuto, leader of the Taraba Ninja, to get the fragments around the same moment.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Soul fragments are un-interactable objects, cannot be so sold equipped or dropped.
  • Soul fragments are the same size as the fully assembled jewel.


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