Players will take the role of former Fuka Ninja, Zen "The Spider Lily". A betrayed ninja looking for vengeance, he waits with Kaede, a reflection of Zen previous lover for information on the location of eight Tenma Mirrors. The Fuka will accept work under a new title of Asuka Ninja performing missions given to him via arrow messages whilst information is gathered.


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Starting with only two places to receive work, the success of Zen or Kaede will garnet the attention of more various entities that are willing to pay gratefully, the three main powers are Utakata's daimyo and the players actions can influence their opinion on Asuka ninja or their military might changing the fate of large populations. Each mission will be graded and rewarded depending of some criteria including a special condition unique that mission alone. Mission related to the story only will have not grading but instead will affect the dynamic story resulting in various endings.


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To work in the shadows is the path of the ninja and these stealth tactics are the players most powerful tool. Players will work to maintain the suspicion level of the targets, keeping them to a minimum as they achieve their missions goal. The lethal approach is the most rewarded and disposing of these targets can either be a flurry of agility and speed, or a tactical hunt where the opponent is stalked and degraded over time.


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Fuka ninja are known for the use of mystic arts but when put into close quarters combat they are not without some talent. Players can engage an opponent in combat, fighting with overwhelming force enhanced with ninja tools, or just patiently waiting for the moment to counter attack and apply the killing blow.

Ninja ToolsEdit

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The mystical arts extend into the tools used by the two ninja. Ninja tools help heavily into achieving high ranks on difficult missions and are essential to making you way around the environment. A grapple always close by, and three select ninja tools that can attract or incapacitate the opponent.


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Zaji, the Asuka ninja that offered Zen information and lodging also Zen gives him access an alchemy pot and some knowledge into creating his own ninja tools. Alchemy a crucial skill in maximising the use of the best tools at the lowest cost. Picking the ingredients and creating products takes knowledge and skill, most unique items have unlockable recipes and certain maps have the most potent ingredients.

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