Shinobido Wiki

When either the player has been detected or is left without any option, combat will be the players last option. Meeting the opponent in a fight is not usually the most easiest or fastest way to deal with a obstacle and each shinobi has their own unique fighting method.

Daimyo Samurai[]

The most common enemy encountered in the game have unique fighting move sets. The Kazama samurai has the unique drop kick. They will progressively gain more special moves as the Daimyo receives new skills.


The archers have their ranged attack and a shove move which can work on get up


Oxcart, they have no other methods of combat other than their cannon firing explosive spheres.


Yojimbo are the most versatile fighters in the entire game second only to the bears.

Yojimbo Movelist
Quick draw Lunge
Six hit combo
Rising swipe


Bears are an almost unstoppable force of combat destruction, they charge the player and pound with all their weight using the beastly rage to overwhelm the player. They have a long agro period and are more aware of their surroundings.

Bear Movelist
Charging pounce
Wild arm swing
Claw poke
Leg grab

Ninja Clans[]

Once the player has awakened the Daimyos need for powerful ninja to assist in their task the player character will occasionally be forced to face them or their leader. Each ninja clan has three types of ninja, the normal ninja, the super ninja and the clan leader, the Taraba ninja are the only exception as their leader does not make a feature.

Kenobi Ninja[]

Normal Kenobi carry the clans main colour of olive green and more powerful of the Kenobi carry a blood crimson shozoku with a skull insignia on their mask. Their technique is very much similar to the fighting style of both the Asuka and the Fuka. They rely on mostly a speedy barrage of attacks and ninja tools to enhance their victory chances.

Kenobi Movelist
Three hit combo
Upper cut
Running swipe
Judo hip throw

Mosu Ninja[]

The have the normal ninja in the light purple, their super ninja in a darker purple with a kitsune mask and their clan leader Usuba. Usuba has the ability to create a clone of herself.

Mosu Movelist
Three hit combo
The famous Mosu kick
Butterfly Kick

Taraba Ninja[]

The Taraba ninja use their size and strength to their advantage, they have normal rust brown ninja and then the super red Taraba ninja.

Taraba Movelist
Indefinite wrist blade swipes
Explosive sphere blast

Bandits and the House of Akame[]

The bandits are the most clumsy of the fighter in Ukataka, running mostly blindly at the player they attack with their weight forward and a wolf skin over their eyes.

Bandits Movelist
Anxious downward swipe
Rising swipe
Running swipe
Akame Movelist
Gun butt strike
Gun shove
3 shots

Merchant and Princesses[]

The merchant is the most cowardice of all the fighters in the game, they have a single shot pistol and will sometimes have money to throw around like shuriken.

The princesses fight with the same move set as the Mosu ninja. A difference that have apart from them is the fact that they use Mushroom shuriken instead of shuriken.