This page is a list of all Arrow messages from Shinobido: Way of the ninja

The mission scroll was the menu tab that had all arrow messages, they were dived into 4 tabs.

Mission Edit

Utakata current information Edit

  • Peace and order was somehow maintained in Ukataka yesterday

Ichijo's Status Edit

  • Things are going well.

Akame's Status Edit

  • Things are going well

Sadame's Status Edit

  • I think things are going well

Mission Descriptions Edit

  • The barbarian you let get away...

Letters Edit

  • Don't panic, Onji

Results Edit

Ichijo Quotes

Akame Quotes

Sadame Quotes

Advice Edit

Tutorials and advice about the game.

Title Video
How to Perform Stealth Kills: Part One Yes
Battles of the Shinobi Yes
Arrow Messages (edit)
A threatened curse.
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