Shinobido 2 Princess

Princesses (姬 Hime) are somewhat rare enemy generics.

Description Edit

Daughters and wives of nobility, dressed in long-sleeved, ornate kimono. They can be considered something of an "elite" counterpart to Village Girls, in that they play a similar role in gameplay, can put up a fight unlike the latter.

They will usually wander around one place (mostly near doors or staircases), rarely staying put, and will inspect anything that piques their attention; this can make it easy to distract them, but also make them more prone to running into enemies or discover a hiding player.

If cornered and alert, they will try to fight by using butterfly kicks and throwing Mushroom Shurikens, while at the same time running and screaming for help. The latter is especially annoying since, as priority targets, missions containing Princesses tend to have more enemies than usual.

They don't spawn randomly, only in missions where they are targets. Depending on the mission, they may spawn in castles, fortresses or (very rarely) villages.

They are the target of high-level Escort and Rescue missions, plus high-level Kidnapping and Assassination missions from Sadame.

They are playable as a skin model for Goh.

Fighting a Princess Edit

As mentioned, the Princess will fight back if they're threatened. They're surprisingly agile, using some of the Mosu Ninja's moves in combat, and will run and scream for help whenever possible. Be careful about the latter, since it's very likely to summon reinforcements due to enemy placement; using Spheres of Amnesia, Confusion and Knockout can stop them from screaming, and so will dealing damage to them. By themselves, they're not that hard to dispatch, somewhat easier than a Mosu Ninja.

Princess Moveset:

  • Flee
  • Scream
  • Throw Mushroom Shuriken
  • Butterfly Kick

Changes in Shinobido 2 Edit

The Princess now has a new character model with longer hair. Other than that, they remain the same as before, up to being a favorite target of Kihan's hostility.

Like in the last game, they are playable as a skin for Kaede.


  • They share the same attack animations as the Mosu, and the Village Girls' running animation.
  • The Village Girl character model in Shinobido 2 has some resemblance to the old Princess character model.
  • They are the only source of Mushroom Shurikens in all games.
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