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The Phantom Forest (暗鬼の森 Anki no tani), also known as Anki Forest, is one of the many mission locations in Way of the Ninja and Revenge of Zen. Based on the picture of the whole map of Utakata, it appears as though Phantom Forest is situated North West of the central part of the province, with Utakata Castle to the North East, Honcho Shimoyashiki to the South East, Mokuami Fortress due South and Rokudo Valley on the opposite side of the river ravine to the North West.

General Information[]

  • Type: Forest
  • Navigation: Easy
  • Amount of Enemies: Few
  • Obstacles: Some
  • Total Exits: Three
  • Map Size: Small
  • Frequency of Missions: Common


The map itself is rather small, one of the smallest in the series. However the nature of it's assigned missions and its lack of effective hiding places can also make it either one of the easiest or most difficult maps unless the player is skilled at climbing to tree branches.

There are three exits: East, West and North-West. The area is little more than a mix of wide and thin trees but two elevations (one in the north and one in the west of the map) can offer a bit of cover. To the south of the map there is a bottomless chasm that extends from the east exit to the west exit, the player should be especially wary of it during rainy missions.

This location is usually inhabited by Barbarians or Bears.

Assassination targets are usually found at the center of the map, west elevation or (very rarely) north elevation.

This is also one of the locations cited for Duel missions in the first game, specifically of the Kenobi.

Story Relevance[]

While only one mission per game is relevant to this location, many other cutscenes also take place here, particularly in the first game.

For the first game, Gamuran's reveal, his association with Kabuto and Kinu's eavesdropping, Gamuran sealing Goh's soul inside a Bear, Goh recovering his body and Onji's revealed true appearance happen in this location. One Travel missions sends the player here, but only for the second described cutscene.

For the second game is the opposite: No important cutscenes take place in this location but one of the three branching missions does (saving Kaede from the Hell Vine poison).


Mission Types[]

  • Assassination
  • Total Destruction/Obliteration
  • Collection
  • Recconaissance
  • Duel
  • Robbery (rare)

Story Missions[]

In Way of the Ninja:

  • Find your body (from Onji)

In Revenge of Zen:

  • Find the Roadsturn Mushroom! (from Zaji)