Oxcarts are special enemies that can only be encountered in missions where they are targets. The oxcart is a mobile cart fitted with a cannon for defense and usually escorted by a group of Soldiers or, in rare cases, a ninja squad.

Oxcarts have a fixed pattern of movement that they will never alter, only stopping if the soldiers become alerted or either soldiers or the oxcart spot the player. As you can expect from an armored cart, it cannot be stealth killed.

Oxcarts are the target of Escort and Assault missions; they are a high-priority target and usually carry either a Samurai General or a warlord's provisions or money.

Moveset Edit

  • Stop Movement
  • Continue Movement
  • Fire Cannon
  • Alarm Horn

How to Attack an Oxcart Edit

Oxcarts are very resilent to damage, guarded by enemies and can cause heavy damage with its cannons, thus a direct attack is heavily discouraged.

Instead, they player can opt to litter the Oxcart's path with traps; Caltrops and Landmines (especially Invisible Landmines) acomplish this, and if you get rid of the cart's escorts you can freely set the most visible landmines you have, as the cart is incapable of shifting routes. Wind-up Chick Bombs work well too, even if the are escorts around.

The easiest way to deal with them though is simply to equip several Explosive Spheres with very high values/damage capacity, find a high point in the Oxcart's route that offers both distance from the explosions of the spheres and cover from the soldiers' and Oxcart's range of vision, wait for them to come and pelt them with the bombs until they die. Since the Oxcart stops movement until it's considered safe there is no risk in it escaping. Previous knowledge of the location may be needed to pull this off, but that is easily done.

How to Protect an Oxcart Edit

Defending an Oxcart can be very difficult since movement is fixed and unlike in Assault missions the cart's defense gets lower the higher the difficulty setting is.

Don't rely too much on your allies, as soldiers stand no chance against a group of ninja enemies.

Bring many potions and spheres, especially those that recover health. You can also use Speed Spheres on the cart so it moves faster to its destination.

DON'T USE EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS. If you absolutely have to, make sure to be at distance from the Oxcart so it isn't damaged by the explosion.

Keep a distance from the cart and scout the route. Enemies usually spawn from the direction of the goal but sometimes appear a distance from behind the cart.

A riskier strategy is to let enemies get distracted attacking the cart to Stealth Kill them from behind. Don't let them do this for too long or the cart might get destroyed before you finish.

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