Negishi Pavillion is one of the mission locations in Way of the Ninja. For some reason this map is unavailable in any other future games. Based on the picture of the whole map of Utakata, it appears as though Negishi Pavilion is near the Southern end of the province, and appears to be a waypoint between Sengen Town to the North and Ryonin Market to the South.

General Information Edit

  • Type: Town
  • Navigation: Easy/ Moderate
  • Amount of Enemies: Decent/ Many
  • Obstacles: Some
  • Total Exits: Two
  • Map Size: Small
  • Frequency of Missions: Common

Exploration Edit

This map has two exits: Northeast and southwest; the player may start the mission from either one. The terrain is flat without elevations besides the buildings.

The most complicated aspect of this location is the small size compared to other town-type maps in the game, not helping matters is the buildings that take most of the area space. Despite this there are many places to hide, the most notable is a secret entrance in the roof of the main residence that leads directly to one of the rooms inside (usually where a Merchant or, rarely, Yojimbo stays), but don't expect enemy ninjas not to try looking for you there.

There are no Watchtowers in this map. A Dog Kennel usually appears in the northwest corner of the map or the back of the main residence (southeast of the map). Wells are found by the garden pagoda, southwest (very close to one of the exits), northeast and northwest corners of the map. Enemies are usually well dispersed but most surround the main residence.

Packages from thievery missions are found in the balcony room rightmost of the map (which is always guarded by a Soldier or Yojimbo facing directly front) or inside the pagoda by the pond. Transport packages are either taken to the opposite exit or to one of the rooms inside the main residence (the one by the side of the room with the secret entrance). Assassination targets are usually inside the residence, the pagoda by the pond or the north residence.

The limited exits and small size of the map force enemies to use only one route for Robbery missions.

Story Relevance Edit

None. At most the second Soul Fragment may be hidden here.

Missions Edit

Mission Types Edit

  • Total destruction/ Obliteration
  • Thievery
  • Robbery
  • Transport
  • Assassination
  • Guard

Story Missions Edit

  • Soul Fragment Retrieval
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