Mokuami fortress

Mokuami Fortress (木阿弥砦 Mokuami toride) is one of the mission locations in Way of the Ninja and Revenge of Zen. It's a military base occupied by the Samurai Generals of the Amurita Faith. Based on the picture of the whole map of Utakata, it appears as though Mokuami Fortress is situated on the Western part of the province, due South of Phantom Forest, with a river to the West, Sotai Tower on the other side of that river, Ryonin Market to the East and Honcho Shimoyashiki to the North East.

General Information Edit

  • Type: Fortress
  • Navigation: Hard
  • Amount of Enemies: Many
  • Obstacles: Many
  • Total Exits: Two
  • Map Size: Medium
  • Frequency of Missions: Few

Exploration Edit

The Fortress has two exits. The front gate has a wall which the player can bypass to sneak up on the guard at the gate. There is also a sacred pool near the front entrance, where a stationary guard can sometimes be found facing the waterfall on the far side. The large stone in the water sometimes has salmon. The map is mostly two storey structure where samurai (and sometimes ninja) may be on stationary guard and on patrol routes. There are two wells in the map, and a series of three large storehouses at the back, some of which contain barrels of gunpowder. There are two guard towers at the front of the Fortress, and one near the back. There are not usually guards stationed at these towers.

Story Relevance Edit

Sometimes if Sadame is witholding a soul fragment from you, other Lords may send you on a Thievery mission to this Fortress to retrieve it. Otherwise, you'll only visit this location to eliminate or protect generals of Amurita, and sometimes to deliver a package to a spy in the fortress.

Missions Edit

Mission Types Edit

  • Assassination (Samurai General)
  • Guard (Samurai General)
  • Thievery (in special circumstances)
  • Transport (in special circumstances)

Story Missions Edit


Special Missions Edit

In Way of the Ninja

  • "End of a dream" (Rescue, issued by Ichijo if the Amurita Faith is eliminated)

In Revenge of Zen

  • Sadame's Tears (special subquest)

Gallery Edit

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