Kongo pass

Kongo Pass (金剛関 Kongo seki) is one of the mission locations in Way of the Ninja and Revenge of Zen. In the first game it was the military base of Akame's Samurai Generals. In the second game it's instead occupied by the Kazama Clan and its generals. Based on the picture of the whole map of Utakata, it appears as though Kongo Pass is in the South East part of the province, in the middle of a mountain range. It possibly connects to Sengen Town to the North West, and Fudo Castle across the river to the South East. This mountain range may be the boundary of the Utakata Province and the Province that the Akame Clan is from, to the East.

General Information Edit

  • Type: Fortress
  • Navigation: Challenging/ Very Difficult
  • Amount of Enemies: Many
  • Obstacles: Many
  • Total Exits: Two
  • Map Size: Big
  • Frequency of Missions: Few

Exploration Edit

Story Relevance Edit

Akame may sometimes withhold a Soul Fragment from you, and another Lord may send you on a Thievery mission to retrieve it. Otherwise, you will only come here to assassinate Samurai Generals, and sometimes on Transport or Rescue missions in special circumstances.

Missions Edit

Mission Types Edit

  • Assassination (Samurai General)
  • Guard (Samurai General)
  • Thievery
  • Rescue (if the respective faction is defeated)

Story Missions Edit

  • Soul Fragment Retrieval

Gallery Edit

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