Some locations contain bottomless pits. Falling into these pits will inmediately result in a mission failure or game over, but they can also be used to dispose of enemies, corpses or items.

Types of bottomless pits Edit

Natural pit Edit

These pits are a natural feature of the map, and often wide in diameter. The Phantom Forest has a chasm at the south of the map, while Dandala Pass, Rokudo Valley, Utakata Castle and Fudo Castle are surrounded by an abyss.

Pit trap Edit

Normally, pit traps are designed to make individuals under it fall a floor below or into another trap, but in the case of traps at ground level it will instead generate a bottomless pit under it.

While such a trap is not seen in any pre-generated location, setting a pit trap at ground level in the garden will generate a bottomless pit. Like all traps, they can also be activated by stepping on it, or throwing corpses or heavy objects into it. These traps can be bought from the shop.

Well Edit

Wells are a common feature in most locations, and they always generate a bottomless pit inside them. They are always seen in "town", "fortress" and "castle" type locations. They are stationary. If a soldier finds a corpse and there is a well near the area, they will pick the corpse and dispose of it using the well once they drop their guard.

Onji will send the player a well once they advance enough through the story.

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