Bear, as seen on Shinobido: Way of the Ninja

Bears (熊 Kuma) are a somewhat-rare hostile NPC and one of the most dangerous enemies in the series.

Bears have no distinctive pattern and can only be stealth-killed from behind, so players are suggested to bait them with Salmon, which always piques their attention. Once engaged, they pose a threat comparable to Samurai Generals, having a lot of health, powerful and unblockable attacks guaranteed to knock back it's victims, powerful holds and a relentessly agressive behavior.

They don't call upon reinforcements but other Bears are easily alerted if one of their breathen fights. They can also be used to the player advantage, as bears are indiscriminate of NPC and will attack any on sight unless they are another bear.

They are normally obstacles during missions, but a total destruction mission (Exclusive from Akame) pits the player against a map full of them, they are also targets in assassination missions devoid of any other NPCs. They are found free on forest-type areas, free and caged on mountain-type areas, caged on estate and castle-type areas, and if not taken care of soon, may appear in village-type areas.

Like Yojimbos, Village Girls, Princesses, Merchants and Barbarians, they have no inherent clan allegiance.


  • Along with the "Ninja Princess", Bear models are commonly used during videos of total destruction missions as a sort of joke by the fandom, usually calling the character "Ninja Bear" or "Assassin Bear". The reason for this may be the scene after Goh's soul is transferred into a bear, while playable in this state he will still run and move like normal, though considerably clumsier.
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