Asuka shrine

Asuka Shrine

Asuka Village is a rare mission location in Way of the Ninja and the player's hub in Revenge of Zen. It's one of the most alluded-to locations in the series and hold special importance in the first game. It's also where the final battle for that game takes place. Based on the picture of the whole map of Utakata, it appears as though Asuka Village may be located in the North Eastern most part of the province, due North of Dandala Peak.

General Information Edit

  • Type: Other
  • Navigation: Easy
  • Amount of Enemies: None (normal missions)
  • Obstacles: None
  • Total Exits: One
  • Map Size: Small
  • Frequency of Missions: Very few

Exploration Edit

This is perhaps the smallest map in the first game. There are no obstacles, no alternate routes, no elevations to jump. Simply put, is a dead-end with some objects scattered around.

Perhaps for the same reason it's a very rare mission location, only for Collection missions from very desperate warlords.

However, the simplicity of the area is what makes it ideal for the two obligatory boss battles taking place here, one which is the final battle against Gamuran.

Enemies will only appear during the final battle but it's not neccesary to fight them; jarringly, you can rush past them and into the shrine at the end of the map, activating the cutscene, to find them completely gone once the boss battle begins.

For completionists, all the garden fixtures here are unique to this map.

Story Relevance Edit

In Way of the Ninja, Asuka Village was the home of the now destroyed Asuka Ninja clan. Several cutscenes that are important to the story are set in this map. It's the location of the Shrine which imprisoned Gamuran, and the location where the final battle occurs.

In Revenge of Zen, Asuka Village is the setting of the game menu from which the player embarks on missions.

Missions Edit

Mission Types Edit

  • Collection
  • Travel

Story Missions Edit

In Way of the Ninja

  • "Gamuran is the final enemy" (Final battle)

Gallery Edit

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