LI Letter(gift), Bodyguard, 1(1)

A letter from Ichijo containing a bodyguard gift.

Arrow messages or mission scrolls are how information arrives at the player delivered by an unnamed delivery person.


Overview Edit

Arrow messages are how the player interacts with the outside world when not in a mission.

Shinobido: Way of the Ninja Edit

The Mission Scroll List is where players can interact with arrow messages, they are sorted into 4 tabs; Missions, Letters, Results and Advice. The missions tab is where players can read and accept missions. Letters are texts with random topics, letters with golden text have cutscene attached. Results show how the player performed on previous missions and advise shows tutorials and tips.

Mission - Letters - Results - Advice

Shinobido: Revenge of Zen Edit

Mission - Letters - Results
Gamplay (edit)
Alchemy - Stealth - Combat - Ninja tools - Missions - Construction Mode
Arrow Messages (edit)
A threatened curse.
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